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Michele Limas - Broker at Oregon First

Real Estate in Beaverton,OR

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About This Business

Why Michele Limas is the Realtor for you?
If you’re selling:

I understand your neighborhood, what’s selling and for how much. As a team, we can review what makes your home attractive to buyers and how to showcase those strengths.
I help you decide what to ask for your house. We help you determine what to improve, what to repair, and what to disclose.
I handle multiple offers. We know how to secure the best offer without alienating potential buyers or causing legal problems.
I handle complicated negotiations, such as when a buyer needs to sell an existing home before purchasing yours.
I know how to minimize your risk without turning down a good offer.
I guide you step-by-step through accepting an offer, understanding buyer requests for repairs and negotiating subsequent counter-offers.
I know how to comply with the Federal Lead Based Paint Law, Oregon property disclosure laws, the Homebuyer Protection Act, and other important statutes.
I keep track of buyer compliance with the contract terms, and we know how to handle it if they miss the deadline to deposit earnest money or can’t get their loan on time, to name just a few potential difficulties.
If you’re buying:

I know where to find what you’re looking for, and which houses are worth looking at. I can help you save time viewing homes that look great online but are a big disappointment in person.
I can share industry trends, interpret statistics, and advise you regarding the long- term value of the homes you are considering.
I help you understand what sellers are legally required to disclose and what they can keep to themselves.
I understand today’s challenging lending atmosphere, and how to foresee potential areas of difficulty.
I can help you decide what to offer for a house, regardless of the asking price.
I guide you step-by-step through making an offer, requesting repairs and negotiating subsequent counter-offers.
I know how to open escrow, how to negotiate around inspection findings, and how to get your earnest money back if necessary.


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